Rødhals (Erithacus-rubecula) lyser op i vintermørket

Guided tours

The museum offers guided tours in the museum exhibitions as well at Molslaboratoriet, our research station in Mols Bjerge approx. 40 minutes drive from the centre of Aarhus.


Museum Tours

Natural History Museum offers guided tours to enhance the experience of the exhibitions. Tours usually include The Global Backyard, AnimaliA, The Denmark Hall and Danish Wildlife. Tours may be customized to your group's interests and may also include a visit to our collections that are usually closed to the public. Tours may include up to 25 persons. 

To book a tour of the museum's exhibitions, please call +45 86 12 97 77 or e-mail nm@nathist.dk


Weekdays: Entrance fee for all partipants and 500 DKK for the first hour and 250 DKK/hour for the following hours. 

Weekends and public holidays: Entrance fee for all partipants and 750 DKK and 350 DKK/hour for the following hours.


Guided Nature Walks 

The Natural History Museum offers guided nature walks. Tours usually take place at the museum's research station, Molslaboratoriet, or in parks in or around Aarhus. However, special requests can usually be accommodated. Please contact us for further information.

To book a tour of the museum's exhibitions, please call +45 86 12 97 77 or e-mail nm@nathist.dk


Weekdays: 500 DKK

Weekends and public holidays: 1000 DKK

Gratis i det grønne

Kom med på gratis guidede naturture - i Aarhus, i Mols Bjerge og i din baghave.

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