The Global Backyard

The titel "The Global Backyard" refers to the fact, that life on Earth today is interconnected as never before. The exhibition presents a small fraction of the myriad of life that we share the world with. It highlights some of the interesting creatures we know a lot about and raises questions about all the life we still do not know anything about. Species we will never get to know because they will be extinct in only a few years. 

Each animal has a local and international perspective. Therefore we are happy that one of the main elements in the exhibition is a sperm whale that roamed the oceans but stranded in Sæby in the northern part of Jutland - our own backyard. 

Most elements in the exhibitions are original authentic artifacts from nature. They are collected and preserved through decades even centuries. Dead - yes - but the real thing in which an astronomical number of work hours have been invested in. 


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