Special Exhibitions

Natural History Museum puts up special exhibitions on a regular basis. Some are large and some are small, but in general they are based on our own collection.

Johnny's bird skulls

Sometimes the museum is lucky to receive unique collections from private collectors. Johnny Leo Pedersen’s huge collection of bird skulls is one of them. For 50 years, Johnny has been collecting, cleaning and categorizing the birds he found dead in nature. This is an exhibition of one man’s passion and life’s work.  


Aarhus - the living city

Nature and urban life does not have to be contradictions. Actually wild nature seems to be well fit for urban life – wherever space is given for it to flourish. Right now, the Natural Museum in Aarhus and Life Exhibitions are displaying the photo exhibition Rethink Urban Habitats that focus on showing nature in the city. The project is funded by Aarhus 2017 - European Capital of Culture.   









Gratis i det grønne

Kom med på gratis guidede naturture - i Aarhus, i Mols Bjerge og i din baghave.

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