Natural History Museum has on several occasions been nominated as the best museum for children in Aarhus, most recently in 2014.

Our exhibitions are very popular among children. Kids and their adults discover how small humans really are, when we stand face to face with an ice bear or a wallrus. Kids can get close to their favorite animals regardles if they like lions or rabbits. And there is plenty of learning and fun facts.

Museum Garden

Compete with animals. Can you jump as high as a puma, hear as well as an owl or balance as well as a chimpanzee? Test yourself and the rest of your family.

School Holidays

We have special activities for children during all major school holidays. Experience a live dissection, touch a snake, meet Thea the Toad (weight: 2+ kilos!), join a NatureXpedition, or work with a microscope.

See the specific programme here.

Activities in nature

Don't forget to visit our research station, Molslaboratoriet, approx. 40 minutes drive from the museum. Here we have collected all necessary tools such as nets, books, microscopes etc. for a good day out in nature. Choose between a number of activities. Collect stones at the beach, find animal traces or discover the beautiful wild butterflies. Activities will be changed according to season.

Gratis i det grønne

Kom med på gratis guidede naturture - i Aarhus, i Mols Bjerge og i din baghave.

Se mere i kalenderen

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